Outfits for Women Over 60

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Go Monochrome

One of my favorite looks to go for when I can’t think of what to wear is to mix up neutrals to create a monochrome outfit like an all-grey one 

Something Bold & Colorful

If you’re buying some new outfits this season, I recommend buying at least one item that is bold and colorful.

More Floral Prints

 They’re the best thing for me to wear during day time, and they can brighten any day with their floral charm, especially in the Spring and Summer season.

Shoes & Bags Can Make A Big Difference

The most ordinary outfit can be spiced up if you pair them with nice shoes and a good-looking handbag or clutch.

Some Animal Prints

ubtle animal prints look great at our age, particularly when mixed and matched with other solid colors.

Comfort Comes First

This is one of the most important rules to remember whenever you go shopping. And it applies to not just your outfits but, more importantly, to your shoes.

Don’t Stop Having Fun

This applies to not just life but your outfits too. Being in a certain age group should never stop you from wearing your favorite colors or experimenting with new trends.

Choose Loose Tops Over Tight Ones

Since many of our readers wanted a way to look slim in their sixties, one of the easiest ways is to opt for shirts that are not too tight around your waist.

Belt It Up

If loose outfits make you feel out of place, then give them a shape with belts.

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