12 Best Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens


1. Side Parted Curly Hair 

With the curling tool, the short hair can be curled and divided into the two sides of the head. The curly hair on one of the sides is styled into a pony. 

2.Short Hair with Curls

If you have a short haircut, then you can make it adorable with curls which give a new look to your haircut.

3.Version of Beehive

This is a cute version of a beehive. Hair is combed back and then supported with the help of a hairband. Hair pulled on the back gives the shape of a dome which looks similar.

4.High Wavy Bob with Bangs

This haircut can be seen in many old movies that feature a high bob and the front bangs.Hair over the ears is curled some in the upper direction & some on the lower direction

5. Short Flip Haircut

For the medium length of the hair,the flip haircut can be the best option.Hair is parted in two parts the one part covers the forehead while hair on the back reaches the shoulder.

6.Punk Haircut

The best old school haircut punk was introduced in the late 70s. It was a unique and adorable hairstyle which was followed by many musicians.

7.Stack Short Perm

This haircut is another version of the perm haircuts and looks very gorgeous. The hair in the middle of the head is kept straight and smooth while on the sides the hair is styled.

8.The Wedge

This haircut was created by a famous champion of skating Dorothy Hamill.The fans followed the haircut of their ideal during 1976 during this era Wedge was the most common haircut among.

9. Loose Curls

Small layers are given curls, and the hair is parted into two sections. This haircut with soft, loose curls looks amazing.

10.Side High Ponytail

This hairstyle is carried by many girls even in 2015 and famous with the same name. There are different types of this major hairstyle ponytail.

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