Neve Campbell attacked by a Bear
On Set 

Neve Campbell had a run-in with Mother Nature as a teen when she was mauled by a bear on the set of a film, she said on a recent talk show.

Campbell told presenter Kelly Clarkson about the terrifying incident that occurred when he was shooting a film in Canada when he was 17 years old.

"I was playing this character where she's 'one with the animals,' and there's a moment where I'm meant to be chased by a bear," Campbell said, without mentioning the movie.

"They brought this bear onto set and handed me a large bottle of Coke to feed it with." So now it's like a sugar high for a bear."

'Dip your hand in honey and run; when you reach to the tree over there, turn around and hold your hand out to feed the bear,' they instructed.

However, the former "Party of Five" star's attempt at the deadly act did not go according to plan.

"I turn around and put my hand out, but the bear does not slow down or come for my hand," Campbell explained.

"He snatches my leg and drags me through the woods, and my mother happens to be on set, so she screams."

Despite the near-miss, Campbell expressed interest in repeating the stunt: "No, it was rehearsal," she stated immediately after the event. "Since we didn't capture it on film, let's do it now."

"I can't emphasise enough how different actors are from musicians," Clarkson stated.