NBA has fined
Kyrie Irving $25,000

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets has been fined for swearing at a spectator during a game in Cleveland this week.

The NBA fined the guard $25,000 on Thursday for the incident during the Nets' 114-107 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night.

Irving responds, "I got y'all a championship and motherfuckers still ungrateful."

In 2016, Irving and James became teammates on the Cavaliers' NBA championship team.

Irving has rejoined the Nets after the team's decision to prevent him from playing due to his reluctance to get vaccinated against COVID-19 was overruled last month.

Due to local immunisation regulations, Irving is still unable to play home games or practise in public locations in New York City.

He is losing approximately half of his $35 million income due to the home game suspension.

Despite teammate Kevin Durant's absence due to a knee injury, Irving informed reporters Monday night that he will not reconsider his vaccination rejection.

According to The Associated Press, he replied, "That's my choice already, and I'm standing by it."