Most Popular Haircuts for Men

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The short haircut's popularity has moved to the US and Australia, where many young men admire its simplicity and ease of styling.

1. Textured Crop


The quiff is a stylish, elegant hairstyle for any stylish man. The current quiff haircut's principal obstacles are the intense styling requirements.

2. Quiff Haircut



The pompadour hairdo has short sides and long hair on top, just like the quiff.

3. Pompadour Hairstyle


The mohawk and fohawk are rebellious hairstyles that most guys associate with punk musicians.

4. Mohawk and
Faux Hawk Styles


The comb over haircut is a nice alternative for both classic and modern looks. The comb over fade is a versatile and easy to style hairstyle.

5. Comb Over Hairstyle


The Ivy League haircut is another classic style that doesn't require intricate instructions or an army of styling products.

6. Ivy League Haircut


The taper cut is adaptable and stylish, and unlike a fade, the sides are scissor cut for a longer look.

7. Taper Haircut


While the traditional crew cut may not fit all face types, asking your barber to make slight changes to the cut may help.

8. Crew Cut


 A curved messy or straight fringe gives guys longer hair naturally groomed at an angle.

9. Angular Fringe


The slicked back undercut is a Millennial staple. Slicked back styles work nicely in all situations when you want to show off your thick hair.

10. Slicked Back Hair


Many men don't think bleached hair is feasible, but it can be the ideal approach to start new and add something extra.

11. Dyed Hair


You may achieve a urban appearance with a lot of versatility by leaving enough length on the top of your head to let your hair develop naturally.

12. Curly Hairstyles


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