Most Coolest Young Men’s Hairstyles

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Tall and Fluffy Crop

This is a very interesting and a highly youthful young men hairstyle. The hair is dropped so the ends are choppy, and the sides are very short.

Short Textured Red Hair

This vibrant red young men hairstyle is very neat, but it still has a youthful look to it thanks to the choppy and textured way the front is styled. 

Long Loose Waves

This is a great style for a guy who likes long hair. It’s kept masculine because it’s not styled very much.

Bowl Inspired Wavy Hair

At first, this haircut could be inspired by the bowl cut, but the back is slightly longer and very ruffled.

Soft Fluffy Curls

The hair is maintained very well, and the curls are soft, fluffy, and styled upwards. It’s mainly the same length all over, and there’s a lot of volume towards the back of the head.

Undercut Fade and Fluffy Hair

It’s a hard fade that transitions in a straight line from thick to stubble. The hair on top is blonde and very freely styled.

Ear-Length Messy Hair

This is a good style for guys who want hair that’s long, but not too long. It falls in an even length to below the ears on the side.

Curly Top Shaved Sides

This style has the sides shaved down to stubble that’s not even as thick as the beard. The top of the hair is left natural and curly.

Blonde Quiff and Dark Sideburns

The sideburns here are very, very dark, and you can see a hint of dark roots through the ashy blonde hair that’s piled high in a tall quiff.

Curly Undercut

This is a wonderful style for someone with corkscrew curls. The sides are very short and tight to the head, so it’s an undercut style.

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