The Most Common Age-Related Problems After 60

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As people experience normal aging they should expect some changes both to their physical and mental health.

1.Changes People Over 60 Can Encounter

Dr. Amato shares, "Falls can be a problem for older adults. They can lead to life altering injuries such as a broken hip or head bleed.

2. Falls

"Older adults may become more socially isolated. Several studies link depression, worsening dementia and worsening physical health in older adults that have decreased socialization.

3.Social Isolation

 "The pandemic has had effects on older adults getting their medical screenings.

4.Missing Regular Screenings

"Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, and the risk of developing heart disease increases with age.

5. Heart Disease

"Dementia is a degenerative brain disorder that causes a progressive decline in cognitive function. Symptoms include memory loss, confusion, and changes in mood and behavior.

6. Dementia

"Cancer is a complex disease that can be influenced by many factors, including age. The incidence of cancer increases with each passing year.

7. Cancer

"I am sure you have noticed that preventing illness has a common theme,

8.Healthy Lifestyle Choice Will Have a Positive Impact On Your Overall Well-Being

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