Modern Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

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Our favorite actor celebrity, Brad Pitt, has also sported this lovely neat pompadour look in many events.

Brad Pitt’s Pompadour

With faded vibes going along on the sides and boho vibe look, the pompadour haircut is all about sassy, trendy appearance and modern hues.

Chris Brown in a Short Pompadour

This messy pompadour was one such, and his fans went gaga on this new unique hairstyle.

David Beckham’s Messy Pompadour

Seen on him around the 1950s and 1960s, this hairstyle’s aesthetic and vintage look is unbeatable.

Johnny Cash’s Classic Pompadour

Among the celebrity haircut trends, this Bruno Mars pompadour is also one of the most notable style trends.

Bruno Mars in a Pompadour

This hairstyle sorely relies on pompadour fade. A fade style is associated with many hairstyles of man.

Pompadour Fade

This pompadour fade creates a very stylish look. It combines both the pompadour as well as the quiff. It gives a whole lot of volume on top of the head.

Quiff Pompadour

This smaller than short pompadour creates a pompadour fade. It is also called the mini pompadour.

Mini Pompadour

This type of pompadour fade creates a very sharp and classic look. Even if this haircut can be done on wavy hair, the best results are achieved on straight hairs.

Straight Pompadour

Even though pompadour is a timeless classic, it is given a 21st-century twist to look it like a modern pompadour. This gives it a more sleek, stunning and edgy look.

Modern Pompadour

This is a type of modern pompadour look where it is combined with a beard to give an ultimate look. This combination will really turn heads and eyes.

Pompadour And Beard

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