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Beauty Winners List 2022

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With Ksenia's victory, Russia has won the popular beauty contest twice. Ksenia, with her golden hair and blue eyes, embodies compassion and elegance.

Ksenia Sukhinova, 2008:

Kaiane Aldorino, the most desired title, has arrived in this British overseas territory. Aside from her stunning black hair and eyes, Kaiane is a talented dancer and orator.

Kaiane Aldorino, 2009:

Alexandra Mills was the third American to win Miss World. Alexandra has beautiful dark blue eyes and a baby-like delicate skin.

Alexandra Mills, 2010:

Venezuela, like India, has an equal number of winners. Ivian is a self-made lady from this nation.

Ivian Sarcos, 2011:

Wenxia's small eyes and lovely black wavy hair were the focus of the tournament. She is a prominent vocalist who excels in folk singing.

Yu Wenxia from China, 2012:

This Filipina-American lady is the first Filipina to win Miss World 2013. Her black glossy wavy haired beauty with passionate looks is remarkable.

Megan Young, 2013:

This South African lady won the 2014 beauty contest and defied prejudice. Her flowing hair, stunning eyes, and intense appearance made her stand out.

Rolene Strauss, 2014:

Mireia Lalaguna is the first Spanish Miss World. Mireia is noted for her gorgeous beauty and contagious grin.

Mireia Lalaguna, 2015:

We everybody know about Puerto Rico when Stephanie Del Valle was named Miss World 2016. Her persona is beautiful beauty with outstanding ability.

Stephanie Del Valle, 2016:

On a beautiful November day in 2017, Manushi Chillar was crowned Miss World. With her triumph, India became the nation with the most Miss World winners.

Manushi Chillar, 2017:

Vannesa, a model from Mexico, is the first beauty from Mexico to be elected Miss World.

Vanessa Ponce de Leon, 2018:

Toni-Ann Singh was crowned Miss World 2019 in Kingston, Jamaica. She is the country's fourth Miss World winner.

Toni-Ann Singh, 2019:

Karolina Bielawska, Miss World 2021, Poland!

Current Miss World 2021 : Karolina Bielawska

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