Tattoo Designs

You only live once, so why not tattoo it on your body? with a hashtag.

1. “YOLO” – “You Only Live Once”

A crown may not be a popular single-element tattoo choice, but in a multi-element tattoo design, it may truly add some pzazz!

2. Glorious Crown

If you want a classic Disney tattoo to commemorate your love of all things magical and mouse, get a Mickey and Minnie tattoo.

3. Mickey And Minnie

Females choose dreamcatcher tattoos because of the feathers and web-like patterns.

4. Amazing Dreamcatcher

Small black cat rib cage tattoo ideas for girls Famous cartoon cat characters include Tom, Snagglepuss, Sylvester, Garfield, and more.

5. Black Classy Lovely Cat

The simplicity of the arrow tattoo is its biggest plus point, which makes it a good choice for the first timers as it involves less money, time and pain.

6. Stunning Arrow

It’s like the parent and kid bond wrapped in the beauty of Ink.

7. Parent for Son Tattoo

Birds have always fascinated us as they signify ultimate freedom. We can't fathom a greater freedom than being able to spread our wings and soar away into the sky.

8. Beautiful Birds

The anchor tattoos has been around for decades. It was trend among sailors and those who have lived most of their lives at the sea.

9. Men of Cool Anchor

Many groups and organisations utilise the ribbon to raise awareness for their issues. Colors symbolise causes, most of which are diseases, e.g. red for AIDS awareness.

10. Women of CUTE RIBBON