Minimalist Manicure Natural Nail Designs

This neutral nail art, with a sheer neutral foundation and a dash of peach and white, demonstrates that natural nails can also be lively.

Abstract Lines

Betina Goldstein is the queen of minimalist nails, as seen by her milky white pink mani.

Dotted with Gold

Because our nails aren't normally particularly sparkly, opting for matte paint will only contribute to your neutral nail art vibe.

Matte Abstracts

Instead of tracing the tip of your nails for a typical French manicure, try lining opposite corners for a semi-framed look.

White Outlines

We're suckers for swirls, no matter what the color scheme. This neutral-colored one conjures up ideas of lattes.

Creamy Swirls

Choosing a neutral manicure design does not exclude you from wearing any color. Instead, it indicates to be a little more subdued in color.

Pale Pink Tips

To get the desired effect, either use a steady hand with a striping brush or section off slivers of your tips using striping tape before applying polish.

Fine French Tips

These translucent pink cloud nails are really pretty. This manicure is both attractive and neutral in color, with tiny traces of light pink paint.

Dreamy Neutral Nails

A white fan design achieves the trick here, and in the most Art Deco way conceivable. Accents in gold or silver work equally nicely.

Art Deco

Acrylic French tips are another alternative for those who want to have a natural nail look. After all, when our nails grow, the tips naturally become whiteish in color.

Neutral Acrylic Nails

Another neutral nail design concept is to extend your traditional French manicure tip 0[land then double it.

Accented French Tips

Peachy tones are frequently used in neutral nail art. For a splash of color, try accenting your nail with black.

Neutral Abstract

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