Long-Lost Foods from the '70s


This German-born dessert is an exercise in seeing how many ways you can infuse one cake with cherry flavor. It's composed of layers of chocolate cake that have been thoroughly soaked with kirsch

Before we even had Pinterest, we had this comically adorable party food, which is exactly what it sounds like: skewers of cheese cubes and cut-up pineapple stuck into a base in order to form an edible hedgehog

Whoever first decided to combine cheese and crackers into one single entity deserves a gold medal.

Cooking your own food right in the middle of the table was all the rage in the '70s. And while cheese fondue was a big part of it, options extended into cooking

This pistachio-flavored "salad" is a shining example of how to turn a political scandal into a delicious dessert—"salad" is a loose term here, because the ingredients are pudding, canned pineapple, whipped cream, pecans, and marshmallows.

The French gave us a hand with many culinary delights of the 20th century, but few are as cherished (and pyrotechnical) as Crêpes Suzette

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