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Long Hairstyles for Men 

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Here’s a haircut that’s perfect for long-haired men looking for something bold and modern. The disconnected undercut paired with long hair definitely does the trick.

1.Long Hair with Disconnected Part

Long length dreadlocks can be pulled into a man bun or given a half up half down style. A simple ponytail or braid are also excellent options for added variety.

2.Long-Length Dreadlocks

If you’re a man looking for a new way to wear your long hair try a traditional ponytail.

3. Men’s Ponytail for Long Hair

The Man Bun for lengthy hair is a great way to remain stylish and professional with longer locks. There are many variations to this look depending on how high hair.

4.The Man Bun for Lengthy Hair

Men with long hair are breaking the mold with braided hairstyles. With proper care many men can make this style last a week or more, keeping your long locks tangle free.

5.Long Hairstyle with Braids

This long-haired man has naturally wavy hair and decided to add an awesome one-sided undercut. The contrast of the wavy style and shaved side really pops.

6.Long Hair with Disconnected Waves

One could describe this curly long haircut for men as timeless and classic.

7. Long Classic Men’s Style

This is modern rocker long hair, styled by barber Denis Robinson of London.

8. Parted Long Straight Hair for Guys

Created by stylist Samantha Fife of Las Vegas, these natural curls are so eye-catching, considering the beautiful texture.

9.Long Curly Hair for Men

It has weight removal, but it’s also very textured and soft. No guy wants to grow his hair out or cut his very long hair shorter into a cut that looks like a mushroom.

10.Long and Sleek Mob Hairstyle

These are soft, natural curls in a long, low-maintenance haircut by stylist Victor Paul of Costa Mesa, CA.

11.Wearable Naturally Long Curly Hair

A 90s grunge and the likes of Kurt Cobain with this look, but with a more wearable texture and a slightly more matte finish rather than the greasy 90s feel.

12.Men’s Long 90s Grunge Hair

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