9 Coolest Neck Tattoo Ideas to Try

Ditch your headbands and bow-tied ribbons for this out-of-the-box hair bow:

1. Hair Bow

A platinum bob with bubblegum pink lipstick is already an iconic beauty look, but these volumized crimps take her hair to the next level.

2. Crimped Bob

Lobs, aka long bobs, are one of those haircuts that can be altered to accommodate any hair type or texture, meaning that anyone can pull it off well.

3. Side-Swept Lob

When it comes to installing wigs, Carter advises: "Wear a wig cap closest to your scalp color, and install frontal or closure wigs

4. Victorian Nest

A black-and-white "skunk hair" color combo is a fun fit for anyone who's seeking high contrast and bold expression.

5. The Skunk Split

To re-create a tower this tall—teal or not—Valles suggests:
"Start by attaching a Clip-In Bang ($105) from Glam Seamless."

6. Teal Tower

To give your top knot a retro twist while still keeping your look modern:

7.Retro Neon 'Do

A side ponytail can be cute, but Gaga makes it edgy with his free-standing twist to accompany it.

8. High-Top Pony

We don't have access to the same level of incredible wigs and hair pieces as our adorned Gaga, but we can get a little taste of this cotton-candy-hued hair

9. Cotton Candy Hues

If you want to go beyond the basic top knot with a little extra height à la Gaga:
Start off by inserting a clip-in bang 

10. Tall Order

Glamorous Side-Swept Hair Looks