Short Haircuts

There are many cool short haircuts for kids. Great for school and active children, boys short hairstyles are easy to style and wear.

Long Hairstyles

Little boys are always growing out healthy long hair, offering the perfect opportunity to style all the best new hairstyles.

Taper Fade

The taper fade blends the hair gradually on the sides and back to create a stylish flow from short to shorter


The kids undercut started as a hair trend for hipsters and slowly flowed to teen boys and toddlers. The undercut is one of the coolest haircut ideas


The kids mohawk haircut is a new hair trend for boys that looks daring yet cute. While some kids choose to shave their sides, most just ask for a high skin fade


The kids pompadour is a modern take on a retro style. The pompadour fade starts with tapered sides that accentuate the styling on top

Comb Over

The comb over for kids is one of the most versatile and best boys haircuts to get. Specifically, the comb over fade provides the foundation to style a number of hairstyles

Spiky Hair

Spiky boy haircuts have been around for decades. Kids with spiky hair always look cool. Casual yet adorable spiky haircuts are effortless to style

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