Kate Gosselin Return to Nursing

An insider exclusively tells In Touch that Kate Gosselin's return to nursing was a "big hardship" for her after her years of reality TV fame.

"Because of her celebrity, Kate is finding it difficult to return to nursing. "It really went to her head," the insider adds of Kate's 46-year-old family's financial situation.

"Since she started shooting [Jon & Kate Plus 8] 15 years ago, she hadn't worked as a nurse!" However, she must carry out her responsibilities."

Kate was recently photographed casually pumping petrol into her car following a shift at her local medical centre, according to photos released by the Daily Mail on January 4.

The Philadelphia native is said to have acquired her North Carolina registered nurse licence in June 2021.

After selling their home in Pennsylvania, Kate moved there with four of her and ex-husband Jon Gosselin's children last year.

Kate, like her ex-husband, has begun to live a more private life away from the spotlight, with her most recent TV show, Kate Plus Date, premiering on TLC in 2019.

Another insider informed In Touch that now that Kate and her children have adjusted into their new area, she is pleased with her decision to relocate.

"After her reality show stardom faded, Kate had been living a relatively normal life in Pennsylvania for years," the person explained. "The kids were at school and kept her occupied."

The relocation also "simply made sense," according to the source, and "it's a better way of life for her and the kids today."