Kansas beat Texas Tech 94-91 in 2OT

Agbaji outscored Tech's Bryson Williams, who had 33 points. Agbaji, the co-Big 12 Player of the Week, was responsible for seven of Kansas' eight 3-pointers.

In the second half, he got 24 points and two overtimes.

To force a second extra period, Agbaji nailed a defended 3-pointer at the conclusion of the first.

"It was similar to our game on Saturday (when KU overcame a 17-point hole in the second half to win Kansas State) and the Chiefs game," Agbaji said.

"I assumed (the Chiefs) would win at any cost when we went to overtime." We must also follow suit. "Wow, it was a blast."

"It was a fantastic victory," he stated afterward. "We played a fantastic team that played fantastic." We didn't play particularly well, but we did play well.

"I believe we can play better as a team, but I'm not sure if one individual can."

" I told him that I don't recall us ever having a player perform like that."

When Williams banked in a 3-pointer in the second overtime, Kansas lead by one.