Joker Tattoo Ideas You Need to See

If you work out, have a larger chest, and believe in genuine love, this joker tattoo on your breast will suit you.

1. Joker Chest Tattoo Black Ink

This tattoo is highly attention-getting, and it will take you at least 4 hours to complete.

2. Joker Tattoo Black And White Back Design

This joker tattoo, inspired by a woman, will look fantastic on your breast. It won't hurt, but getting this design over your chest will take several hours.

3. Joker Face Tattoos On Chest

This joker stomach tattoo will show others that you're a movie buff who prefers both good and bad characters in most of your favourite stories.

4. Colorful Joker Tattoo Drawing

This back piece can demonstrate your admiration for both characters. This back tattoo honours the Joker and Batman.

5. Joker Batman tattoo

You can decorate your shoulder with your preferred and favorite design.

6. Joker Tattoo Hahaha Design

You like all of the characters and enjoy dramatic scenes, and you want to express your enthusiasm for movies with simple designs.

7. Joker Face Card Tattoo

This giant shoulder or sleeve tattoo will suit men who chase precise and giant tattoos.

8. Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

Another shoulder piece that could work for you is this one. It is the ideal design for true Joker lovers.

9. Joker Why So Serious Shoulder Tattoo