Japanese Hairstyles for Guys

Front Shifted Layers

People these days like sporting these types of Japanese men hairstyles for college and other party gatherings.

Funky Volumized Top

It is the very simple Japanese hairstyle for men with medium hair which is perfectly suitable for round face guys. 

Puffy Top Hair Look

This style can be the team with almost any form of outfit. This hairstyle is one of the Japanese hairstyles for men

Easy Back Brushing Look

 This hairstyle is often sported by boys who study in school as this is easy to style without funkiness.

Inward Shifted Fringes

This can be teamed up with formal getup if the back is not long. This can also be a sport with funky t-shirts

Back Pony Easy Look

These can still be a sport with ease. This is one of the latest Japanese hairstyles for men long hair

Back to Front Locks

This is a very trendy look for boys who go to college or school. Here the haircut is done in a chopped fashion, and the length is short

Puffed Up Brushed Look

A person can use some styling sprays and lotions to give this a strong setting at the back top. These can be done from reputed salons

Fresh Hairstyle Look

Japanese men hairstyle that a younger boy can sport. If a person wants to keep the back longer and the top brushed backwards

Downward Spiked

This hairstyle has something so cool about it that everyone (men) will be willing to carry it on there instantly. 

Slick Japanese Look

It look really neat and clean and makes it one of the best-sported hairstyles by Japanese college and school-going boys

Long Colored Hairstyle

The red and white combination of the hair colours in this hairstyle makes it look really special and is one of the best

High Ponytails for Short and Long Hair