Jake Paul vs Nick Diaz
on UFC fight night

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Nick Diaz will fight Jake Paul on a "ultimate boxing card" arranged by Bellator champion AJ McKee.

McKee has a feud with Nick's brother and UFC fan favourite Nate Diaz.

Nate made McKee's friend and training partner drop his beer last December by pretending to punch him.

McKee allegedly threw a water bottle towards Nate's fans after their teammates Chris Avila and Anthony Taylor weighed in for their fights on the undercard.

McKee has wanted revenge on Nate ever then and has created a "ultimate boxing card" to do so.

"My perfect boxing card would be Nick Diaz vs. Logan or Jake Paul and me vs. Nate," he told Sporting News.

"We can get Nate's issue on Showtime. Meet me there. We can display a championship belt."

McKee, a longtime friend of Paul's last opponent, ex-UFC champ Woodley, confessed it was difficult to see him defeated by Paul.

And he's backed Paul in his attempt to switch from boxing to MMA.

"Definitely. Mindset. It's a fighter, a In his first bout with Woodley, "he went on.

It took a lot of guts to not only take but also dish out the punishment. Woodley is a lion. Whether people appreciate him or not.

Paul has exacerbated his dispute with UFC president Dana White after criticising his treatment of his fighters.

Mr. White has been targeted by Paul, who has called for UFC athletes to be paid at least $50,000 per bout.

McKee called Paul's previous comments on the UFC leader "comical."

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