Jack Harlow’s Big Cosign from Kanye West

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Earlier this week, Grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow released what appears to be the lead single from his upcoming album.

He hasn't released a solo album since his major-label debut “That's What They All Say” 14 months ago.

Kanye West took time out of promoting his new streaming service to give the song and Harlow a massive (if loaded) thumbs up.

On Instagram, West said, “This n—a can rap.” “And I mean Top 5 right now as a compliment.”

Harlow thanked Harlow profusely. In a post on social media, he said, “This is one of the best moments of my life.”

In a late-year interview with Variety, Harlow expressed his appreciation for West.

He cited “Kanye notes” during a discussion on musicians managing their image and “brand”. Harlow said.

‘Always going to shift, and I can always steer the storey and recast,' he says.

The music I make and who I am right now have nothing to do with where I will be in a year.' You can't tell Kanye what he is or isn't. That's a big plus.

“Each album has its own identity,” he added. “They said he couldn't rap, but he did it anyhow.

He's thinking 100 years ahead because he understands what he's doing today will age and people will say, ‘Wow, he was on something else.' I value his foresight.

‘You don't tell me who I am, I tell you who I am.' Mine is reality. I pick.'

“I suppose that could easily be the case,” Harlow said, laughing, “but I know he's a true artist.”

Also, Harlow has performed in a number of video skits with West's apparent arch-enemy, Pete Davidson...

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