Top-notch Italian Hairstyles for Sheer Elegance


1.Messy Bun with Thick Tendrils

A flowered hair tie tames hair in a messy bun on this gorgeous Italian women’s hairstyle. Keep your bun low and somewhat loose.

2. Combed Back

For all those suave men looking for a dapper Italian hairstyle, you can’t miss with this look. 

3. Shaggy Curly Hair

No matter your age, long thick curls make the perfect Italian hairstyle given sexy, shaggy layers. 

4. Curly Men’s Haircut

A heavy off center part switches up face dimension handsomely. Define texture for a “woke up looking this hot” Italian look.

5. Half Updo on Long Wavy Hair

Avoid the temptation to make a high ponytail and opt instead for a low one. Secure with an oversized bow for statement.

6. The Against-the-wind Cut

A laid back and quiff Italian men hairstyle, it is remarkably distinguishable. Common but unusual.

7. Short and Chopped

A simple and aesthetic Italian hairdo along with bangs and fringes along the sides and forehead of the face.

8. Spiky Parade

A hoard of spike set atop your head, it is a charade of confidence and glamour in one go.

9. The Crown of Summer

A hairdo that flaunts your collar bones generously. Braided crown to one side and fringes.

10. Messy Spikes

A chic addition to the long-lost trend of spiky hair and updos.

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