How to Use Colored Hair Wax?

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Colored hair wax can be applied so easily. These are some simple steps for adding vibrant colors to your hair:

The best way to use color wax is to apply it to damp hair that is clean and styled. The resin can be difficult to work with if you apply it to dry hair.

Prepare your hair

For better coverage, section your hair. Last but not least, wear an old t-shirt or place a towel around your neck and shoulders.

If you plan to color all your hair, saturate it properly with your fingers coloring product. Next, go over your hair with a comb.

Apply the wax

Take a tiny section of your hair and paint on highlights. Then, work a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub it through the section. For shinier, more voluminous hair, start from the middle.

Make your hair dry

Using a blow dryer with the lowest heat setting will speed up your drying process after using a conditioner. Too much heat can be unpleasant when working with thicker layers of wax.

Allow the first layer to dry for more intense color, then add more layers until the desired color is achieved.

If you use a hot tool on waxed hair, your style before adding the wax may be undone.

Remember to stay cool

Using your fingers and a comb instead might be the best solution.

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