How to Trim Your Eyebrows

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As with anything beauty- or makeup-related, the tools you choose will make a big difference in the ease of trimming your brows. You'll need scissors that are small.

1. Choose the Right Tools

Especially if you have bangs, clipping your hair back will allow you to see your brows without any disruption, minimizing the risk of over-trimming.

2. Clip Your Hair Back

Streicher recommend filling in your brows with a pencil acording to how you actually wear them before trimming.This help create a visual guide and will avoid over-triming

3. Fill In Brows With a Pencil

Take a clean mascara wand (or a spoolie brush) and brush all of your hairs in an upward motion—tails included.

4. Brush Upward

Next, take your brow scissors (use a pair that is slightly slanted, which provides a superior angle) and trim the long hairs.

5. Begin Trimming

After your initial run-through, it's a good idea to move back from your mirror and assess. In many cases, it's recommended to just stop.

6. Assess and Evaluate

If you find that the brows still look uneven, continue to brush the hairs up and trimming any strays until they all align with your natural brow shape.

7. Trim More and Tweeze If Needed

To keep brow hairs in place, Streicher says to finish with a styling gel, making sure to brush the brow hairs up and out. 

8. Finish With Styling Gel

VoilĂ ! Perfectly trimmed brows ready for action.

9. The Finished Look

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