How to Dye Your Hair At Home

Wash your hair

That’s what you should know before you dye your hair in the first place. Second-day hair develops enough natural oils that help the dye bind to it better.

Choose a shade

 Make sure to pick a shade that doesn’t only fit your preferences but also suits your complexion. As a good rule of thumb, it’s better to go for a shade

Protect your place

Put on an old T-shirt that you’re not afraid to sacrifice to the god of color experiments. You will also need to cover the area where you work with the dye

shoulders with a towel

 You can either purchase a color cape to catch the dye that will drip off or simply use a dark towel. Wrap it around your shoulders and secure the ends

Brush your hair 

It’s very important to apply the dye to perfectly brushed and detangled hair to distribute it evenly.

Put on the gloves

It can be any kind of gloves you have, the point is to keep your hands save. Otherwise, you will dye them as well.

Mix the dye in a bowl

Of, if you have a specialized kit, you can mix it in a bottle. Follow the instructions on the dye you work with and mix all the ingredients well.

 your dye with a developer

A developer is what activates the dye. It helps the color penetrate the hair shaft and give permanent results. If the dye you use requires a developer

Protect your ears, neck

Apply the product along your hairline, ears, and neck to prevent the dye from coloring your skin in these areas.

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