How To Curl Hair At Home Overnight

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 Start with clean hair, detangle, and then use any of these techniques to tie up your damp hair. Wake up in the morning to release glorious soft curls!

Simply plop your hair using a towel or a soft cotton T-shirt.

Use traditional hair rollers. Secure hair in sections around the rollers; take thin sections for tighter curls.

your hair into one or more plaits. Depending on the volume of your hair, you can make more braids if needed. Also, a tight braid will give you more defined and tight curls, so tie your braid loosely.

For light waves, part hair in the middle. Secure each side into a loose bun.

Place a hair donut or sock around the base of the ponytail. Take sections of hair and wrap them one by one around the donut. Secure with clips.

Use elastic bands to curl your hair. Start by sectioning your hair and tying each into a ponytail; make more sections for tighter curls. Tie up each ponytail into a bun and secure it at the base.

Use thin socks to curl your hair! All you have to do is wrap sections of hair from the ends to the roots around the socks. Knot the sock at the base to secure. You can use hairpins as necessary.


Make sure your hair is completely dry before untying it or else the curls won’t hold. After untying hair, shake the curls gently at the base and through the lengths for a fuller, even look.

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