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Nothing beats a little amount of it to brighten your face and add radiance. You don't want it on your teeth, and it goes gone too fast.

Lipsticks are the most crucial cosmetics item. A cosmetic bag is a must! (or a few, given the different shades and brands). They certainly beautify your lip.

But at what cost? Lipsticks' ingredients have inevitable health impacts. Women wear lipstick every day, sometimes even in bed.

To keep your lips from drying out, apply lip balm to them. The Lipstick will be applied evenly if you do this.


Apply Lip Balm

Not your lipstick, but your lips. Begin by spraying your lip liner along the curve of your lips before drawing a line. Then use the liner to delicately connect the dots.

Use a Lip Liner


Apply the Lipstick on the top lip, beginning at the center and working outwards. To get it to the opposite corner, bring it to the middle.

Apply Lipstick


Put on your bottom lip and repeat. Using your ring finger, dab on a tiny bit of Lipstick and then gently sprinkle the color across your lips to make up for any bare spots.

Rub your Lips


To blow-dry, take a soft tissue and fold it in half. Hold it with both hands, crease towards you, then softly place it between your lips.

If you have thin lips, steer clear of intense reds. There is a tendency for the lips to shrink.

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