High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes 

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This recipe is for tofu lovers everywhere. This recipe is perfect for a lazy day when you need a protein boost.

Tofu Sheet Pan Meal

This Southern-inspired recipe uses plant-based sausage and soy curls to meet your protein needs. It's a pot full of textures and flavors.

One Pot Vegan Jambalaya

It's a wonderful pasta with Brussels sprouts and white wine with light cream and parmesan. Each of the three ingredients provides 16 grams of protein.

Brussels Sprouts Pasta

Nothing beats a warm, pleasant soup that keeps you satiated for hours. Especially one perfectly seasoned!

Garlic Teriyaki Tempeh and Broccoli

For the toppings, we suggest chunks of sweet potatoes, red or green sweet peppers, onions, cilantro, salsa, and black beans with crumbled fresh queso fresco.

Whole30 Vegetarian Power Bowls

Veggies like portobello mushrooms, arugula, baby spinach, asparagus, and red bell peppers are loaded with nutrients.

Chickpea Quinoa Soup

This meatless dish has smoked roasted sweet potatoes, hearty black beans, and a selection of toppings. It's also ready in 30 minutes.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos

Even with a sprinkle of goat cheese and a balsamic mayo spread, this wrap is nutritious due to its low calorie content and substantial vegetable filling.

Grilled Vegetable Wrap With Balsamic Mayo

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