High Ponytails
for Short and
Long Hair

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This is a high ponytail with a small pony inside. They look great on all faces and are easy to do. It is one of the easiest pony hairstyles to do.

High Ponytail with Pony Braids

This trendy high ponytail hairstyle is best suited for special occasions. A high braided ponytail can be left as is or embellished with hair grips or beads.

Tiny Braided High Ponytail

This cute high ponytail idea is for those with long, thick hair and a narrow forehead. The style is simple to create and can last all day without looking bad.

Neat High Ponytail

Braids are timeless. Braids are a good way to manage long hair while looking stylish. Even a simple high braided ponytail can be unique.

Braided High Ponytail

Long hair can be braided into a high ponytail. The look is cute and sexy with hair coming out on all sides and chic fringes.

Fishtail with Fringes

This style proves that ponytails aren't just for long hair. And this is a lovely medium-length high ponytail with a twist at the base. Hair color adds depth to the look.

Medium Length Ponytail

This side ponytail hairstyle is available with or without puff. It can also be made sideways. It is suitable for all textures and has a bow on top.

Side High Ponytail

French braid hairstyles are versatile and always in style. This is a funky high ponytail with a bump and a braid.

Double Side French Braid with High Ponytail

Bangs go with every haircut and hairstyle. This high ponytail hairstyle with bangs looks great on this face. However, long bangs can make a face appear dark.

Braided Wrap Ponytail

This one combines a retro vibe with a high ponytail hairstyle's classic chic appearance. The high ponytail holds every strand in place.

High Ponytail with End Curl

Well, Katy Perry has always been a fashion inspiration, and now you can add this to your hair look book, especially if you like to experiment with different shades and dyes.

Straight Highlights

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