High-Fiber Foods You Should Be Eating

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Carbs get a bad rap, but whole grains are a great source of fiber and are also rich in healthy phytonutrients (believed to help prevent various diseases

Whole-wheat pasta

Barley is a delicious grain that’s often overlooked,” Taylor says. Try tossing it in soups or mix up a grain bowl with your favorite meat and veggies.


Legumes are star players. They’re some of the best sources of protein and fiber, they help keep you full, and they have amazing nutrient composition,


Edamame, or immature soybeans, have a mild flavor and pleasing texture. They’re also one of the few plant sources that contain all the amino acids your body needs,


These two legumes have similar nutrition profiles and are used in similar ways. “Lentils and split peas are nutritional powerhouses

Lentils and split peas

All berries are good for you, but blackberries and raspberries have the most fiber,” Taylor explains. They’re also delicious. Fresh berries can be expensive,


Another fruit, pears are a fantastic source of fiber, Taylor notes. And compared to many other fruits, they’re particularly high in soluble fiber


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