Harmful Side Effects Of The Keto Diet

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Despite Its Popularity As A Weight-Loss Method, The Keto Diet Isn't Perfect. Bad Side Of High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet? There Is A Lack Of Long-Term Research On Keto's Impact On Diabetes And Cholesterol.

1. Your Thinking Might Get Fuzzy

Rapid Carbohydrate Restriction Reduces Brain Glucose Availability, Causing A "Brain Fog" Effect Where Thinking And Concentration Are Reduced.

2. Lose Muscle Mass

When Protein Intake Dips So Low, It's Only Natural For There To Be Loss Of Muscle Mass, Even With People Who Exercise On A Regular Basis," Says Molly Kimball, RD, CSSD.

3. Get All Stopped Up

Sadly, Cutting Carbs For Weight Loss Involves Cutting Out Healthy Carbs Like Fibre. Digestion Slows Down Without Fiber-Rich Roughage From Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, And Grains.

4.Increased Risk Of Kidney Stones

Animal Protein Can Raise Urinary Calcium And Uric Acid Levels, Says Palinski-Wade. This Increases The Risk Of Kidney Stones.

5.Throw Off Your Blood Sugar

You're Not Alone If You Believe Oranges Are A No-No For Lowering Blood Sugar. Although Orange Juice Can Definitely Send Blood Glucose Sky-High, Whole Oranges.

6.Experience Mood Disturbances

"When The Brain Gets Less Sugar From The Blood For Energy, This Can Impact Mood & Result In Feeling Irritated, Fatigued & Difficulty Concentrating," Says Palinski-Wade.

7.Increase Your Cholesterol

When We Look At The Long-Term Effects Of A Diet Chronically Lower In Fruits And Veggies And Higher In Animal Saturated Fats, Odds Are It's Not Helping Heart Health.

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