Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Bangs

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Lob cut is best suited for thin hair as it gives your hair a little volume and bounce. Keep the front fringes short to cover your forehead partially.

Lob Cut With Front Fringes

For naturally curly hair, this hairstyle is a perfect choice. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to set your hair and let your curls shine.

Bouncy Loose Curls With Front Bangs

Long, thin face looks even more charming with a lob cut. Make your lob cut more interesting by adding outward curls to it.

Outward Curly Lob Cut

The hairstyle brings out your facial features and makes you the center of the event. Just use your fingers to set the hair; use a hair spray to set the hair.

Side-Swept Coily Hair

Long fringes at the front look superb when you have straight hair. If you like short hair, then choose to have a lob cut with two-toned blonde hair color.

Straight Two-Toned Lob Cut

Even if you have thin hair, and think that no hairstyle will look better on you, then you have to try this one.

Short Wavy Curls

Shoulder-length hair is easy to manage, style, and maintain. This time make messy curls and set them with your fingertips only to look great on you.

Messy Curls With Side Fringes

It’s very simple, just pull half of your hair backward and tuck it with a pin and let the rest of the hair fall freely.

Half Up-Do With Short Fringes

In your ’50s, even grey hair could give you a beautiful look, just like you see in this picture. Go for a pixie cut with pointed ends and straighten your hair.

Ash-Grey Pointed Pixie Cut

To hide your chubby cheeks, go for this haircut and let all the attention fall to your eyes.

Sleeky Straight Side Swept Lob Cut

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