Stylish Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Girls

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Craving short hair, but want something edgier than a pixie cut? Teen hairstyles like this one let a girl express herself and stand out in a crowd.

1: Short Sides Long Top Pompadour

The newest trend is healthy hair. Here is an example of a medium-length shag in perfect condition. Notice the hair’s shine, enhanced with minimal, natural-looking highlights.

2: Sleek Mediun Haircut

This deeply-angled bob is a cut above-the-ordinary thanks to the high contrast between lengths in the layers. The back area is tapered into the nape.

3: Short to Long Bob

Perfect for straight, fine hair, this lob (short for long bob) is both cute and easy to style. The cut is angled slightly longer in front and bevelled the ends.

4: Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights

Stylish hairstyles, heavily layered as this one is, are perfect for taming overly-thick hair. The cut is chopped almost straight across at the bottom.

5: Short and Wavy ShagSave

When you’re young, there’s no better time in your life to take chances-and that includes your hairstyles.

6: Trendy Grey Pixie

This teenage haircut looks like a normal, everyday bob. But then you notice the chic shaven temple that works as a cool contrasting punk-rock element to the softness hair.

7: Bob with Shaved Side

Short haircuts are ideal for tweens and teens. Not only are they low maintenance and easy to style, but they can also quickly be played up for a special occasion styling tools.

8: A-line Brown Bob

Sport two flirty trends at once by using the balayage coloring technique for your strands and rocking your lob with loose waves.

9: Wavy Bob with Highlights

One of the cutest short haircuts for teenage girls is undoubtedly the pixie. It looks sweet, youthful and innocent.

10: Tight Brunette Pixie

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