Best Hair Color
for Brown Skin and Black Eyes

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Many people with dark skin and black eyes identify with a specific hair color, usually because they naturally have naturally dark hair.

So here are some of the best hair colors one can choose for their brown skin & black eyes:

1) Jet Black Hair Color

If the eyes color is black too, then a color like this will accentuate the skin and makes it appear brighter and clearer.

Caramel-brown brings out our inner glow and complements deep complexions, like brown & black skin color.

2) Caramel Brown

3) Chestnut Brown

Chestnut hair color is a warm color that combines deep brown, caramel, and golden brown shades.

4) Brown Ombre

The shiny brown ombre can give a beautiful look & contrast with your brown skin & black eyes every easily.

5) Copper Hair Color

This particular copper toe of red will make the look of brown skin & black eyes enhanced.

6) Dark Brown Hair

Dark skin with black eyes can be matched with dark brown very easily. It will look normal as most brown skin people ae brown hair.

7) Ashy Blonde

Ashy blondes have a cool undertone, which helps bring light to the face and neutralize warm undertones. 

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