Goran Dragic signs contract with Brooklyn Nets

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Goran Dragic will join the Brooklyn Nets after obtaining a buyout from the San Antonio Spurs, according Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Raptors after being moved from Miami in the Kyle Lowry deal, but it was evident from the start that neither party intended a long-term engagement.

Dragic was a Raptor for five games before quitting for personal reasons. He was traded to the Spurs on Feb. 10, but they didn't need him. Now he'll join a contender in need.

The Nets came into the season with an abundance of ball-handling.

Irving can only play in half of Brooklyn's games due to the NYC COVID vaccine law, while Harden was recently traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

That deal brought back Ben Simmons, a ball-handler not suited to postseason half-court shot-creation.

The Nets have a backup plan for Irving's absence and Simmons' postseason woes in Dragic.

Dragic averaged almost 19 points per game two seasons ago, propelling the Heat to the NBA Finals.

He's 35 now and can't play big minutes, but he was a good backup shot creator for the Heat last season. That's all Kevin Durant needs to be for the Nets.

Brooklyn drew Dragic for two reasons. The chance to fight for a crown must have influenced him. Dragic has appeared in the Finals but never won.

Dragic, a free agent in 2022, now has an opportunity to increase his value and sign one last big contract. 

Due to Irving's situation, no other competitor could offer Dragic the minutes and touches Brooklyn offers. Dragic could be Brooklyn's starting point guard half the time.

Even if he doesn't, Dragic was a sought-after buyout target. He could have joined any candidate.

He chose the Nets, indicating they want to use him heavily this spring.

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