Funky Hairstyles for Long length Hair Ladies

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Girl with Funky Golden Highlights

If you think being feminine is not synonymous to being funky, this super long funky haircut will disprove you.

The Funky Hipster Look for Long Hair

This long tight braided look with colourful scarf running over is one of our favourite modern funky styles!

Cornrows Funky Look

This style requires professional help to do, but is among best possible and opted haircuts in the funky look list.

Funky Fashionista

If you are a fashionista and want to flaunt bold yet unique styles often, this can be the right funky hairstyle for long hair look.

Red Hair with Bangs

This funky look with bangs and curly hair is unique, cosy and stylish. We are in awe of this kind of unique discovered look.

Colourful Funky Side Hairdo

This unique and creative look requires help from professionals and lots of patience, but as we see, the result is fascinating.

Blue Braids

Those who have thick hair can try this style out – with blue highlights and a tight rope braid.

The Rainbow Funky Style

This loose wavy hairstyle in blue, green and yellow highlights is the trend of the season.

Curls and Braids

You can go ahead to highlight some of your braids and curls as well, for enhancing style and appearance.

A Unique and Modern Funky Long Look

While there is a similar tomboy haircut in the front of the hair, there is long curly hair beneath.

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