9 Foods and Supplements That Could Help Reduce Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Tomatoes are recognized for their lycopene, which gives them their red color. Lycopene protects and circulates blood vessels.


Their high water content may help hydrate the area around the eyes, but more crucially, they contain silica, which might increase collagen formation.


The antioxidants in sesame seeds can help with fatigue8, which may be creating your dark circles. They have vitamin E for eye health, including eyesight.

Sesame Seeds

Anthocyanin is the antioxidant that gives blueberries, black currants, and blackberries their purple, blue, and black hues.


They are high in water and contain the same blood vessel-protecting lycopene as tomatoes. Plus, they're better than either vegetable!


Anemia affected half of the patients in an under-eye circle study, and many said the darkness went away following treatment.


Vegans must supplement B12, which is found in animal diets. Even meat eaters could benefit from a boost.


Vitamin K promotes blood coagulation and circulation. Vitamin K, when coupled with caffeine in emu oil, reduces the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

Vitamin K

It's hard to think that vitamin C from oranges and bell peppers can improve under-eye circles more than a chemical peel, but it's true.

Vitamin C

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