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With hair shining like the sun, you’ll ooze summer vibes all year long.

1.Big Sun-Kissed Curls

Probably one of the more popular youthful hairstyles, a long cut that works in waves. It will knock 10 years off your age, really.

2.Perfect for Summer

Summertime means you need a relaxed hairstyle. With a short-to-medium cut and loose waves you’ll always look your best.

3.Loose Curls

Show the world you’re ready for summer with an all-over blonde and a long-layered cut!

4.Blonde Layered Cut

Take this classic cut to work and pull it back by the end of the day for an evening event.

5.Work-Ready Shoulder Length Style

A bold color like purple, dark pink, and burgundy, works wonders on a shag hairstyle.

6.Pack a Punch

Shorter on one side than on the other is the perfect option if you want to keep your length but try a shorter style too.

7.Short and Sweet

A short curly cut with a side-part is manageable and trendy. Light waves can be easily done with a straightener.

8.Side-Part with Waves

Add a touch of beautiful silver over a brown base to upgrade your shoulder-length hair and mask first gray hairs.

9.Shoulder-Length Straight Cut

Let the waves in your short, curly hair remind you of the ocean waves and the beach where you’ll be hanging out the next weekend!

10.Lighter for Summer

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