Flattering hairstyle for Tom Boy Part-2

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Short Fluffy Haircuts

Volume, volume, and some more volume – short fluffy haircuts are all about achieving the right volume to create that messy but dressy bedhead look.

Short fluffy haircuts are all about creating that untidy but stylish bedhead appearance. But don't mistake it with poofy hair.

Pixie Cuts

An easy choice for women with curly or wavy hair, tomboy curly pixie cut looks straight-up gorgeous with minimal effort. 

Curly Pixie Cut

Medium Tomboy Haircuts

The amount of creativity and styling freedom medium-length hair offers is insane. A Side-shaved comb over is a bold and beautiful hairstyle for the rebellious ones.

Look extravagant with this messy pompadour undercut. It’s currently one of the top-trending hairstyles for African-American women and is particularly by women with round faces.

Messy Pompadour Undercut

Korean Tomboy Haircut

Step up your hair game with a cool and stylish Korean tomboy short pixie, a refined, low-maintenance hairstyle perfect for a professional environment.

Tomboy haircuts aren’t confined within the realm of short hair. We live in an era where men can rock long hair like it’s nobody’s business and women can totally a boyish haircut.

Long Hair Hairstyles

Androgynous Haircuts

Androgynous or gender-neutral haircuts are a tight slap against the belief that fashion parameters necessarily have to be different for every gender. 

Having been popular for decades, short cropped bob with face-framing layers offers of styling flexibility. Transform the classic bob into tomboy hairstyle by opting for choppy layers.

Short Cropped Bob

A short shag cut requires minimal styling products and effort and therefore, is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-maintain look.

Short Shag

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