Flattering haircut double chin with glasses

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Loose waves help create body, without adding too much volume at the sides. Middle-length haircuts for double chin elongate the round face With glasses.

1. Face-Framing  double chin with glasses

All the slicing and layering enhance natural hair texture. Layered medium-length hair with a curtain fringe will frame your face on both sides.

2. Layered Haircut double chin with glasses

Bangs & curly hair with glasses can be an interesting combo but be aware that cutting curly hair types is a bit tricky.It’s better to start hair.

3. Well-Defined Natural Curls double chin with glasses

Add height to your face with a razored pixie! & glasses The strands can be torn in shape, which keeps straight hair falling on the cheeks and cheekbones.

4. Messy Short Hair double chin with glasses

The length of this bob haircut for round faces With Glasses skillfully points to the jawline, and the front side-swept bangs place the right accent on the eyes.

5. Chin-Length Bob with Side Bangs

Whether you prefer medium hairstyles, shaggy hair will help you show off your layers and texture more.glasses with Curtain bangs nicely frame the cheeks.

6. Messy Bob Cut double chin with glasses

One way to make short haircuts work on round faces is to add a bit of volume on top, but the intricate color accent can do the trick, too. 

7. Short and Textured Pixie

The front layers of this long hairstyle slightly cover the cheeks and cheekbones, slimming the face and making it approach the shape of an oval.

8. Long Feathered Hair double chin with glasses

If you have an undefined chin or a weak jawline, it is worth giving preference to haircuts that compensate for it with the right length, a bend.

9. Shoulder-Length Hair double chin with glasses

Long hair ideas for double chins are all about creating an optical illusion. With bright green or purple highlights,

10. Wavy Hair double chin with glasses