Flattering Curly Hairstyle For over60

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Because your hair is short and only covers your head, it is easy to maintain, but the curly cuts give your hair a voluminous look.

1. Short Hair with Light Curls and a Side Comb hairstyle

The pixie cut looks great on both straight and curly hair. All you need is a short haircut with shorter hair at the back.

2. The Pixie Cut with Curls hairstyle

This medium length hairstyle is perfect for those who like their hair long but not too long.

3. Medium Length Curly Hair with a Layered Cut hairstyle

For a classy look, your curly hair should be cut in layers or steps and tied into a ponytail.

4. The Messy Ponytail with Loose Curls hairstyle

This style features a simple back brush with two rows of braids tied from the sides of the hair and clipped together.

5. The Side Braids with Flowing Curls hairstyle

This is for all you ladies who don't want to spend too much time on their hair and want something quick. This classy style is also easy to maintain.

6. The Boy Cut style with Tousled Curls hairstyle

So, if you have long hair, flaunt it! This style is perfect for all you long curly haired ladies out there.

7. The One-Sided Comb with Long Hair hairstyle

It's stunning, elegant and classy. It's a style that I think will suit anyone of any age and any occasion!

8. The Messy High Bun with Loose Curls hairstyle

This style combines traditional retro with a touch of classic modern! It will define your curls and make them elegant.

9. The Traditional and Classic Back-Combed hairstyle

This style is for those who don't want long or short hair. Your hair should fall evenly on both sides of your shoulders and should be shoulder-length.

10. The Middle PartedMedium Length hairstyle

This hairstyle involves parting your hair horizontally and gathering the hair at the crown of your head into a small bun.

11. The Half Bun andHalf Left hairstyle

Use your fingers or the rattail comb to do this. You can even finger-tussle your hair for a more tousled look.

12. The Bob with Wavy Chin Length Hair hairstyle

This hairstyle is elegant and versatile. Roughly comb your short hair and side comb your bang to blend it in.

13. The Chin-Length haircut with a One-Sided Bang hairstyle

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