Flattering Bold Shaved Hair cuts for Women

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What can one say when Demi dresses up in a bold look, thanks to the undercut shave on the side which is slightly tapered for a neat yet very punk look.

1. Demi's Semi Side Parted Undercut Shave

Braiding is something that enhances the individual volume of a strand plus here as we see the rest is undercut with side on the shave spectrum.

2. Zoe Kravitz Braiding it Like a Champ

Kelly really knows what she is doing when the fringe is side swept with undercut side shave.

3. Side Swept Fringe and Bun By Kelly Osbourne

Kristen has been making bold moves and hence bold statements as this is one of them.

4. Kristen Stewart Side Sweeping it Casually

Short hair may be a little tight when it comes to designing but Miley certainly knows how to make the most of it.

5. Miley Cyrus's Short Punk Hairstyle

What can we say about this exquisite style, bun on the top, sides shaved and slit lined and front is densely crowded

6. Keke Palmer Bunning her Slit Shave

Shaved sides are neat but this way of styling them adds one more notch to the style factor.

7. Jada Smith Spicing Up with Her Pony and Dye

Short hair can be a little tricky to deal with but then sides can be made fancier but the pattern we see Danai rocking.

8. Danai Gurira Keeping Short Yet Trendy

Riri’s style is not just another style for people to ignore, she makes statements like this one. 

9. Riri Putting Volume on Top and Back

The undercut here is quite a look as it adds a lot of volume on one side and nothing on the other.

10.Alice Dellal Undercutting it in the Middle

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