Female Tattoo Trend 2022

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Watercolor tattoos are notable for their use of vibrant colours in well-crafted artwork. It's a colour filling technique that builds an image.

Watercolor tattoo

Firm, symmetrical, but delicate strokes best represent geometric tattoos.

Tattoo with
geometric designs

Charmingly petite! Three minimalist tattoo features. This design is popular among female tattoos due to its simplicity.

Minimalist tattoo

Do you have a pet and want their artwork on your body? If yes, then an animal tattoo is for you.

Animal tattoo

If you have a best friend, you probably like sharing important life events with them. Moments of the day, dates, and tiny memorials like the BFFs tattoo.

Tattoo BFFs

Another tattoo honouring a special person! Many people think that a child's tattoo is cuter than a parent's love for their child.

Tattoo for children

Have you ever been moved by a phrase or a quote? You are not alone. It is becoming more popular.

Tattoo with phrases

Roses, violets, sunflowers, and even orchids can be tattooed on the body.

Flower tattoo

Traveling the world, experiencing new locations and cultures, trying new foods, and inhaling new air... But believe me, this is the truth of some travellers.

Tattoo for those
who like to travel

Several tattoos in one area create a true piece of art on the human body! This is a common desire among tattoo enthusiasts, and the arm is often the ideal location.

Tattoo that
closes the arm

The mandala tattoo style has many meanings and details. The mandala tattoo is usually circular, with geometric lines that mimic flower petals.

Mandala tattoo

Religious tattooing is defined by its representativeness and respect. This style of tattoo is frequently done by religious people who appreciate their religion.

Religious tattoo

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