Fastest Way to Dry Hair at home

I can almost hear you saying that applying a conditioner is part of washing your hair, not drying it. But hear this: Hair conditioners not only nourish your hair

1. Use Hair Conditioner

prevent breakage making it easy to detangle your hair after washing, but they also actually help your hair dry faster.

Drying hair with a towel is not a good way to dry your hair fast without a blow dryer. Instead, it is another myth that needs to be busted.

2. Be Gentle

To make your hair dry faster, use a super-absorbent hair-drying towel to blot excessive moisture or, if you have long thick hair, wrap it up, turban-style. 

Roots remain wet longer than the ends and leaving them half-dry can be dangerous, especially in cold weather. This is why so many women prefer

3. Fluff the Roots of Your Hair

To dry your roots fast without causing damage, make sure they get as much airflow as possible. Shake your head from side to side, turn it upside down 

 The damaging hair habits stylists recommend to avoid. Still, using a wide-tooth comb to separate some hair strands will promote airflow and make your hair dry faster.

4. Comb Your Hair

Another option is to use a microfiber brush with soft bristles that soak water. The brush does not damage the cuticles but allows getting down 

Now, when your hair is rough-dried, blow dry it to get the necessary volume and styling. To blow-dry hair without damage, follow these simple rules:

5. Use Protective Blow-Drying

You may finish styling with cold hair blowing; this will help close the cuticles and make hair smooth and shiny. 

Drying your hair fast does not need to harm your tresses. Blot the moisture and rough-dry your mane, then blow dry it with warm air,

Bottom Line

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