Fast-Food Chains With Questionable Ingredient Quality


As the largest buyer of beef in America, and the de facto model for other fast-food businesses, McDonald's naturally operates under a giant magnifying glass. Sure, the company has made some strides to become healthier in recent years

Salt aside, the pizza chain's meat has also been found to contain excessive amounts of phthalates, which isn't all that surprising considering it has some of the worst quality beef in the fast-food biz by some measures.

From hair gel-like beef and rehydrated ingredients to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs, Taco Bell goes back and forth on a seesaw of public perception, ranging between good effort and egregious omission.

A little late to the party when it comes to spiffing up its food quality, Burger King didn't start banning artificial ingredients (including potentially harmful ones) until 2021.

A few years ago, Pizza Hut probably wouldn't be on this list, considering the company's pledge to pivot to all-natural ingredients. But then it did the opposite and hopped off the all-natural bandwagon,

Dairy Queen's ice cream treats aren't technically really ice cream, which might sound terrifying. Don't worry too much, though: that's mostly just due to the fact that Dairy Queen doesn't use enough milkfat in its products to count, 

Turns out its blend of herbs and spices isn't the only thing KFC wants to keep secret. For example, its high-calorie chicken contains nearly half your recommended daily sodium intake in one breast.

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