Eyebrow Shapes
for All Face Types

This form is suitable for round faces and has an arch at the outer brow corner.

Arched Toward the Tail

You can deal with brows that naturally arch more toward the middle than the ends.

Arched in the Middle

An exceptionally high arch well over the brow bone gives a more defined and lifted look.

High Arches

Many folks have a natural arch that looks great without much shaping.

Barely-There Arches

An angular brow arch isn't required. A softly rounded form can be appealing, especially if the rest of your face is sharper.


Straight brows can look great at any width. A spoolie like E.L.F. Cosmetics Eyebrow Duo Brush is essential for a finished look.


If you like this look but have uniform brows, be aware that it will take extra maintenance, including frequent face waxing.


It starts high in the middle, then gently drops down before rising into the arch.


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