Evangeline Lilly attended anti-vaccine rally

Robert F. Kennedy
Jr.'s statements equating the policies to the Holocaust garnered headlines during the anti-vaccination mandate demonstration on Sunday.

Evangeline Lilly said
she went to the Defeat the Mandates demonstration in Washington, D.C., when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was chastised for equating US immunisation policy to the Holocaust.

Lilly, who portrays Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp in the Marvel flicks "Ant-Man" and "Ant-Man: Homecoming," shared images from the event on her own Instagram account on Thursday.

In the post, she said she doesn't believe someone should be "forced to inject their body with anything, against their will.

A person holding
a banner that reads "vaxxed democrat for medical freedom" appears in one of Lilly's photos.

"This is not love,"
Lilly wrote. "I understand the world is in fear, but I don’t believe that answering fear with force will fix our problems."

Lilly, who wrapped
production on "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania" last year, has not been inoculated.

Lilly's spokesman did not reply to a request for comment right away.

Lilly has previously
faced backlash for statements concerning the epidemic and has since apologised.