Europa League prize money breakdown

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The UEFA Europa League is growing in importance as a tournament within the European continental framework.

On the pitch, it's second only to the Champions League. Barcelona, RB Leipzig, and Atalanta are three of the best teams in the Europa League this year.

The winning team receives an automatic bid to the following season's Champions League, which is prestigious, financially lucrative, and helps player recruitment.

And if that's not enough, the winning team will receive a cash prize on May 18 in Seville, Spain.

Here's a breakdown of the money spent so far and what teams can expect in 2021-22.

The Europa League finalists will each receive $5.2 million for reaching the final two teams in the tournament. But the winner will get nearly twice that.

The table on next slide shows how the Europa League prize money is distributed.

Winner $9.73 million
Runner-up $5.2 million
Semi-finalists $3.17 million

Quarter-finalists $2.03 million
Round of 16 $1.35 million
Knockout round playoffs $566,000
Group winners $1.24 million

Group runners-up $623,152
Group-stage win $713.793
Group-stage draw $237.950
Group-stage qualification      $4.11 million

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