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Elegant Hairstyle for Women

A stick-straight bob is one of the most jaw-dropping and attention-grabbing hairstyles. For a more dramatic appearance, part your hair in the centre like Sandra Bullock.


Sandra Bullock's Straight Bob

It's important to separate your hair in the right manner if you have a short haircut.  hair, Viola Davis creates a side part to match the design of her dress. Stunning

Viola Davis Side Part and Curls


Ear-tucking: This easy style trick can give you a sleek and sophisticated appearance in a matter of seconds. With a side part and straightened hair, Tess Daly pulls it off well.

Tess Daly's Eartuck


The incomparable Jennifer Aniston never ceases to inspire us with her stunning hairstyles. As a result of its waves are a great choice for a variety of settings.

Jennifer Aniston's Beachy Waves


Juliette Binoche's face is framed by medium-length waves of deep auburn. It's a timeless style that can be worn by everyone.

Juliette Binoche's Medium Crop


Faith Hill’s layered medium crop is perfect to take advantage of a full-bodied mane. The highlights and layers bring about so much movement for the waves

Faith Hill's Layered Cut and Highlights


Curtain bangs and a high ponytail are like a 90s royalty hairstyle. Renee Zellweger knows this and is absolutely smashing it!

Renee Zellweger's High Ponytail


Anne Morgan's bob, cut with a natural part, is dazzling in a shade of red that goes well with her complexion.

Anne Morgan's Bob


A wavy long bob or lob is super versatile, you can take a page from Viola Davis’ book and add a subtle side part to frame your face.

Viola Davis Wavy Long Bob


Medium curls on a short hairstyle just like Malora Harding does here, can spice things up. A short natural part can help add a little volume done slightly to one side.

Melora Hardin's Golden Curls


A golden mane is a great way to show off your desire for a colourful and 'wild' hairstyle. Elizabeth Banks exudes self-assurance when wearing it.

Elizabeth Banks Golden Mane


Wear your hair in a protective style and enjoy it! Kimberly Elise's hairdo isn't influenced by her age; if you don't want it to be, you may wear locks.

Kimberly Elise's Locks


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