Easy Ways to Tie a

 Man Bun at Home

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A man bun is a popular hairstyle for men where the hair is pulled back into a bun or tied on top of the head.

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Man buns date back to the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and the Edo Period in Japan. Hipsters and celebrities like Gareth Bale, Harry Styles, and Jason Momoa are now wearing it.

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The good news is that mastering a man bun is deceptively simple. It looks best with chin-length or longer hair, but it works well with any hair type.

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Begin by brushing or combing your hair gently. This will help remove tangles and knots and make styling your hair easier.

Prep Your Hair


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Next, scoop up a small amount of a matte texture product.

Get a Small
Amount of Product


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Gently rub the product into your hands and fingers. To use, rake the product through your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.

Apply The Product


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Then learn how to tie a man bun. Make a loose ponytail in the crown of your head and secure it with a hair band.

Gather Your Hair


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Hairband your ponytail. To make a loop, only pull the ponytail halfway through, with the ends facing backwards.

Secure Your Hair Tie


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You've mastered the man bun! To create a fuller effect, gently adjust the size and position of your ‘do.

Final Look


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